I am Kim.

I can do lots of things, I'm kind of multi-faceted that way.

I am GRAPHIC DESIGNER - I am a strong designer for both print and online marketing communications. I like clean, simple, straightforward design and am a firm believer that less is more. White space is good space.

I am a PHOTOGRAPHER - I especially love taking photos of funky old signs. Vintage neon is my favorite. The rustier and more dilapidated, the better. There is usually at lease one word somewhere in each photo I shoot.

I am a PROJECT MANAGER - I am ridiculously organized and detail oriented. I excel when managing many projects from start to finish, all at once. I'm kind of like a juggler that way.

I am a WRITER - I love words. I do not like fluff. I love to write succinct, descriptive, poignant pieces that keep the reader riveted while also giving them room to connect their own dots. Belaboring is bad. Trusting the reader is good.