Old Spanish Days ("Fiesta") is a big deal in the sleepy beach town where I live. It's the annual celebration of Santa Barbara's "Spanish heritage." Why is Spanish heritage in quotes? Well, it's because in my view (and this is sacrilege to Santa Barbarans), Fiesta is more of an excuse for white folks to play dress up and drink tequila than it is about the heritage of Santa Barbara. It's a scene and I do not partake.

However, right around when kimtees was winding down, I kind of accidentally partook. I came across a blurb about a Fiesta poster competition and entered just for the hell of it. Then, this happened:


How mortifying. I do not like to be the center of attention, ever, which is why I blabber about my husband. I'm doing my darnedest to get the camera off of me and on to him. Didn't work. Also, only 2 of those dancing children are mine.